Dennis Groves is the owner & operator of Clucker City Studios, where he works as a recording engineer, producer, arranger and session musician on multiple instruments. For more info, visit the productions page or Acrylic paintings by Dennis can be viewed here.

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Guitar Instruction Website by Dennis - Now Available (with subscription)

>Access to original Jam Tracks, with high resolution audio available.

>Chord and Scale diagrams (made by Dennis).

>Notation/Tablature of warm-ups, scales and finger exercises.

>Access to all my videos, streamed directly from my webpage, not youtube (absolutely no ads, pop-ups, endscreens, etc).

>Tips/Suggestions on technique.

>PDF downloads

*No additional third-party software/app necessary.

*There are three options available from the drop down menu below ($1/month, $3/month, $9/month). All of these options give you access to the same content. This lets you decide how much you want to contribute (through PalPal).

Full Access to Guitar Instruction Website by Dennis

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"The Black Pearl" by Dennis Groves

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