Dennis Groves - Owner & Operator of Clucker City Studios in Branson, Missouri

  • Producer

  • Recording Engineer

  • Arranger

  • Multi-Instrumentalist

  • Songwriter

  • Composer

  • Artist

Contact Dennis at to book studio time or send your tracks for overdubs, editing, mixing and mastering via

Audio Production Credits

Music Produced, Recorded & Mixed by Dennis Groves

*8-bit style music for the opening and ending title screens of "Kraid's Lair" & "Vampire Killer" selected from an online music archive by Chris Canote

Video Production Credits

"ASDG", "World", "Doll", "Raat Koto Raat", "Vampire Killer" & "Kraid's Lair" Directed, Filmed & Edited by Chris Canote

"Whales" & "Mardi Gras Mambo" Directed, Filmed & Edited by Garett Roller